Lifting platform | Zelenik hidravlika in strojništvo

Lifting platform

Lifting platform otherwise goods lift is intended for transportation of the load from one to another level.

Hydraulic lifting platform otherwise goods lift is made with shears or with directly installed hydraulic cylinder the side. Lift can be installed in a shaft made of bricks or stone, or in a shaft made from sheets of iron.

Entrance into the lift is safeguarded with iron doors made of one or two wings, that can be opened only when the lift is standing behind them on a station.

We don’ t need a special place for the engineer room. Propulsion electric – hydraulic aggregate and the electric box are installed by the driving shaft. Propulsion aggregate is safeguarded by cover with grid. There is a manual valve installed on to the aggregate, that allows forced lowering of the platform in case of an electric interruption.

Directly on to the hydraulic cylinders there are installed return – blocking valves also called “VALVE OF PIPE BREAKING”.

By increased volume of the flow of hydraulic oil, the valve stops the flow and prevents uncontrolled lowering of the platform.

In case when there’ s not enough space for driving shaft on the upper station, we use shears mechanism. The driving shaft is covered with a cover. It’ s opened by a carrying frame, installed on to the platform, when it’ s lifting up. When lowering the platform the shaft covers up. In this case the user must built a moving warning fence. The controls for controlling the platform are only on the upper station of the elevator. The overload security is made with overloading valve and shutting down the electric circuit.


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